Bio or the story of is the synthesizerstudio of Bert de Vries, a synthesizer addict arranger, composer, synthprogrammer and soundeditor. Inspired by artists and bands like ABBA, Earth & Fire, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and several christian artists like Iona and Michael W. Smith, Bert de Vries began playing synthesizers in the late 80's. His first experience on stage was at the church, leading praise and worship. Later he played Synthesizers in local gospelbands and groups. Here he learned a lot about live sound and sound-engineering, arranging worship music (the so called "opwekkingsmuziek") and programming synthesizers. Also his general knowledge of synthesizers and soundequipment and software like Cubase came from this period. Some side routes where also taken by recording albums and demo's of choirs and solo-praise and worship-singers.

The style of music Bert plays, more and more tends to look like the Scottish band Iona, with synthesizer-style influences, like for example Tangerine Dream. In the future, electronic style christian music is one of the goals of

Bert de Vries is a reborn Christian. The basis of the music of lies in his faith of Jesus, who died for us all to take away our sins.
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